We Have Packages Suited For Everyone

charlotte_skylineWe offer NASCLA Contractor License seminars in various locations in North Carolina with a location in South Carolina too. These day long courses thoroughly cover questions asked on the NASCLA Contractor License exam.

As more cities and states are requiring contractors to be licensed, the importance of passing this examination the first time is crucial!
Our pre-licensing contractor seminars are designed with the most up to date license exam material available, broken down in an easy to understand manner.  Our contractors’ state license school will help you pass your NASCLA exam the first time!

Live Seminar Standard Package

bigstock-Teacher-Helping-Adult-Students-3917657This package is perfect for those who prefer a traditional classroom format and prefer the opportunity to work with and learn from a live instructor. You may attend as many seminars you would like for one year.
This package is our traditional seminar package and includes;

  • A comprehensive bound study guide
  • Attendance at our one-day live seminar

Our Seminars are one day and follow the following schedule:
7:30 am – 8:00 am – Registration
8:00 am – 5:00 pm – Class

Can't Get To A Seminar

takingonlineclassThen our online courses might be the perfect answer. Each online course package includes:

  • Complete study guide thoroughly detailing the facts you need to know from each of the reference books, so you can easily tab and highlight the information.
  • Seminar: This presentation will take you through each of the books reviewing the facts you need to know for the exam from each book.
  • Practice Exam: This is an interactive exam gives you a new test each time you take it pulling a new test from a randomized pool of 350-500 questions.
  • Audio: These audio files aid in memorization and will allow you to listen to the facts online.

Please note: Our online courses are currently not compatible with mobile devices or tablets.

Begin Your Studies in Just Minutes

cd-versionOur interactive software programs can be quickly downloaded and running on your own home or work computers in just minutes. The interactive software provides the correct answer, code reference, or calculation for each question given. This allows you to study at your own pace until you can achieve excellent test scores for each practice exam. Each program contains several excellent practice exams, and you can study as much as you like until you feel ready to take your state examination.