Profile of a Residential Contractor in North Carolina

This North Carolina Contractor’s License covers all types of construction activity pertaining to the construction of residential units.

Process to Become a Residential Builder in North Carolina

Applicants for a Residential Builder License must be approved by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors prior to taking the required exam.  Applicants will receive and eligibility letter giving them 120 days to take the exam.  If they fail the exam they will automatically receive a new eligibility letter after 30 days.  If an applicant fails a second time, a whole new application must be approved.  The 90 question exam is administered by PSI Exam Services. The exam is partial open books and a grade of 70% or higher is required to pass.

Licensing Limitations Categories for North Carolina Residential Contractors

This type of contractor license has 3 subcategories also offered underneath it – Limited, Intermediate, and Unlimited licenses.  These license subcategories determine the project cost limitations a contractor has upon them.  For full descriptions of each of these license limitations requirements and their definitions, please visit the North Carolina Contractor’s License page.