Profile of a Residential-Light Commercial Contractor in Georgia

A Residential-Light Commercial Contractor’s permitted scope of work expands to include multi-family residential and multi-use light commercial buildings less than four stories and 25,000 interior square feet. Work may include erection of pre-engineered steel buildings up to 50,000 square feet. Licensees are required to take a minimum of six hours of continuing education annually.

Process of Becoming a Residential-Light Commercial Contractor in Georgia

In addition to the requirements for a Residential-Basic applicant, Residential-Light Commercial applicants must also submit a reference letter from a CPA indicating that the applicant has a minimum net worth of $150,000, an available line of credit in excess of $50,000 and that the applicant’s accounts have been adequately audited and reviewed. The requirement for liability insurance coverage increases to $500,000. The exam parameters remain the same as for the Residential Basic exam, with the exception of the exam is now a 90 question test.