Profile of an AL Building Contractor Under Four Stories

Perhaps the most significant thing to understand is that this classification does not include residential construction. The license is required for projects valued at $50,000 or more and licensees may construct or modify the structure of any building that does not exceed three stories and 50 feet in height. However, the license holder may also work on buildings in excess of four stories, as long as they are operating under the direct supervision of a licensed Commercial General Building Contractor.

Process of Becoming a BCU4 Contractor in Alabama

A financial statement must accompany the application. Limits of the license are determined by the board and are based on the lesser of the applicant’s net worth or working capital. In addition to the contractor exam, the applicant must also pass the Alabama General Contractor Business and Law Exam. The BCU4 exam contains 90 questions and is administered by PSI Exam Services. The passing grade is 70%.

These license requirements are under the authority of the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors.


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