How do I apply for a license to work as a general contractor in Georgia?

Request an application by accessing the Board’s website at and complete the application requirement.

Once the Board has approved my application, how long is my eligibility good for?

All eligibilities are good for one year.

What happens if I fail my exam?

You may retake your exam at any time within the initial one year eligibility. Anyone failing a second time must meet the required waiting period to retake the exam a third time.

Is there a minimum financial requirement or new worth to be licensed?

Only the General Contractor License requires a minimum net worth, the lowest license level requires a minimum net worth of $25,000.

Is my Georgia license reciprocal with any state?

Building Construction license has reciprocity with Louisiana and Tennessee.

Can I build my own home with a contractor license?

Yes, you can build your own home for your own use without a license. It is important to note that while license law permits this, most lenders will not give a construction loan without the builder being licensed.